Promoting Positive Self Esteem In Children

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Promoting Positive Self Esteem In Children

Consider these self-reflection questions in your endeavor to promote positive self-esteem in your children:

– How often do you provide opportunities for your child to learn by allowing them to make decisions on their own?
– How well do you uphold your responsibilities by being clear about expectations and consequences, following through, and working together with other adults?
– How do you talk about mistakes and failures to help your children learn?
– Do you always separate the misdeed from the child?
– In what ways do you show that you appreciate their efforts when they do their best?
– How do you reinforce good behavior and choices?
– Do you allow your kids to experience negative consequences for choices and behavior? In what situations is this more difficult for you?

Be honest with yourself. If you wish to experience improvement in any area, set some goals and get help with parenting, if needed. Your children deserve it!

The Self-Esteem Ladder

– Expectations lead to accountability.
– Accountability leads to responsibility.
– Responsibility leads to choices.
– Choices lead to consequences.
– Consequences lead to critical thinking.
– Critical thinking leads to taking more calculated risks.
– Taking risks leads to success and failure.
– Success and failure lead to learning.
– Learning leads to growth.
– Growth leads to confidence.
– Confidence leads to expectations.

Table Of Content

– Before You Begin
– What is Self-Esteem?
– How Do We Develop Self-Esteem?
– The Great Self-Esteem Experiment
– Steps to Positive Self Esteem
– How Can I Help My Child Develop Positive Self-Esteem?
– The Self-Esteem Ladder
– Your Next Steps

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