JoAnn – Save me!

JoAnn – Save me!

Sir Pigglesworth Action & Adventure Chapter Books for Children ages 5-8

The airport in New York City is very busy with people rushing to get to their gate.
Sir Pigglesworth is slightly nervous among the crowds…he doesn’t want to lose JoAnn like he lost his parents!
They were at the airport during the Thanksgiving holiday season and we all know how crowded airports are at that time of the year!
People are so busy running to catch their flight that nobody noticed there was a pig in the terminal…LOL

Text from book 3 page 9 for the JoAnn – Save me! Illustration

Chapter 1
The airport was crowded with people coming to visit their families for the Thanksgiving holiday.
It seemed that every time Sir Pigglesworth turned around, he was bumping into someone else.
“It’s like a maze that scientists let mice run in when they’re doing an experiment,” Sir Pigglesworth said to his friend, JoAnn.
“Only there are people instead of walls, and there won’t be any cheese at the end.”

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Have a #pigalicious day.

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