Happy, Happy!

Happy, Happy!

Sir Pigglesworth Action & Adventure Chapter Books for Children ages 5-8

Look at that happy smile on Sir Pigglesworth’s face…and on JoAnn, too!
They have their choice of any seat in the empty First Class section…wouldn’t you love that!
Sir Pigglesworth just wants to be sure he gets a window seat.
I think JoAnn is just happy that Sir Pigglesworth is able to smile all the while he’s missing his parents?

Text from book 2 page 9 for the Happy, Happy! Illustration

Chapter 1
“I get the window seat! I get the window seat!” Sir Pigglesworth squealed.
He went running down the aisle of the American Airlines plane.
The entire first class section was empty so he had his choice of where to sit.
He plopped down in a seat right next to the window.

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