From the Airport to the City

From the Airport to the City

Sir Pigglesworth Action & Adventure Chapter Books for Children ages 5-8

The first thing that caught my eye in this illustration is the cowboy with his ten-gallon hat sitting in the front seat of the airport shuttle.
My illustrator, David, always puts fun things in the pictures to see if they are noticed. I love that he does this so even I have to search each illustration to see what’s there!
Then notice the beautiful picture on the hotel marquee…this really brings New York City to life.
But what people tell me is that they can see the love Bill and JoAnn and Sir Pigglesworth have for each other through the expressive faces and gestures of the characters…it warms my heart to hear this.

Text from book 5 page 9 for the From the Airport to the City Illustration

Chapter 1

As soon as the door of the bus from the airport opened, out hopped Sir Pigglesworth. He was so excited to be seeing his friends JoAnn and Bill again.
He hadn’t seen them since he left New York City after they found his mom and dad. He had lots to tell them!
They were waiting on the sidewalk just as excited to see Sir Pigglesworth as he was to see them. They couldn’t wait to surprise him.
He thought he was just visiting them at the hotel…little did he know they were going to take him on a cruise to Bermuda!

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