Checkin’ Out the Airport

Checkin’ Out the Airport

Sir Pigglesworth Action & Adventure Chapter Books for Children ages 5-8

I asked my illustrator David Darchicourt to show Sir Pigglesworth slowly meandering through Heathrow Airport. One of the funny things he added to the picture is the upper left hand board showing the ‘on schedule’ flights…I’ve never seen so many flights ‘on schedule’ before!
Notice all the people sitting there…one guy looks completely bored, one young man looks like a hippie from the ‘60’s, two of them are reading…love that!
But notice the happy bewildered look on the little boy pulling on his mom’s hand…he’s very surprised to see a pig walking through the airport…wouldn’t you be surprised, too?

Text from book 1 page 9 for the Checkin’ Out the Airport Illustration

Chapter 1
The plane ride had taken far too long for such a small pig.
After many hours of sitting still, little Sir Pigglesworth excitedly popped out of his seat and ran off the plane.
Sir Pigglesworth had never been in an airport before.

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Have a #pigalicious day.

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