Check Out The Piggy Names

Check Out The Piggy Names

Sir Pigglesworth Action & Adventure Chapter Books for Children ages 5-8

The island of Pigonia…where it all began.
Located 3000 miles from New York and 3000 miles from London, this island is home to many generations of pigs.
The first thing you’ll notice is that the island is shaped like a pig!
And then check out the names of the towns on the island…my illustrator is so creative!
Kids and their parents get a huge kick out of reading the names out loud.
We are looking into having a puzzle made for the kids.
Get ready to meet the porcine inhabitants of the island!

Text from book 4 page 7 for the Check Out The Piggy Names Illustration

In 1802 the King sent our favorite little pig’s great-great-great-great-grandfather, Royal Grand Duke Spencer J. Hoggbottom of Pigglesworth, to Pigonia.
Pigonia is an island far away, exactly 3,000 miles from London and 3,000 miles from New York.
Many smart, hard-working pigs lived there among the beautiful rolling hills and meadows. They raised many crops. They were very happy.
After many years, the Grand Duke left the pigs to rule themselves and went to America to do some work for the King.
He stayed to raise a large family, leaving a trail of royal pigs from New York City to Washington, D.C.
Well, all of the pigs on Pigonia lived peacefully for the next 200 years, but this is when our story really begins…

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Have a #pigalicious day.

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